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  Nathalie Soeteman
    Vleuten (Utrecht)
    06 – 233 275 46

Examples from my portfolio

Consultancy and interim

/Consultancy and interim
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Launching a branding campaign or change program in your organization?
Do you require temporary reinforcement from an interim (
project) manager or advisor?

With great pleasure, I help you and your organization to realize your plans and goals. By identifying what really is needed and focusing on what works.

I specialize in the following areas:

  • Strategic communication

  • Meaningful marketing communication

  • Change management

I also help you with (interim) management, (personal) development and organizational issues. For example, you can hire me to replace a Head Communication or a Communication Advisor, set up a communication department or function, or coach a (first-time) Manager or Director of Communication in developing leadership skills and a High Performance Team.


Where necessary and desirable, I collaborate with other professionals from my extensive network. These include project leaders, designers, copywriters, designers, photographers, trainers and coaches.

What I can help your organization with

Topics that I can help your organization with are for example those in the field of:

  • Reputation management
  • Integrated corporate and internal communication
  • Corporate and social branding
  • Purpose marketing and thought leadership
  • Launching a successful engagement program
  • Change management


Optimize your return on Enthusiasm · Engagement · Alignment

Do you want to optimize the Enthusiasm · Engagement · Alignment return of your organization?

  • A stronger reputation?
  • Customers and employees as fans and ambassadors?
  • More recommendations?
  • Higher productivity?
  • More sales?
  • Higher share price?

Using a quick scan, we will discuss the possibilities for improvement.