Project Description

Adoption strategy knowledge sharing and social intranet


SNS REAAL introduced a social intranet for the 6,500 employees of its 10 brands. I advised on the requirements and was responsible for the adoption, collaboration and conversation strategy. I also trained and facilitated the board, middle management and employees of all disciplines and locations in online knowledge sharing.

Community of 3,250+ multi-label, cross-disciplinary knowledge sharers

I helped bank insurer SNS REAAL to make full use of the benefits of a social intranet and other community tools. This resulted in a multi-label, cross-disciplinary community of 3,250+ members, improving nearly 100 customer journeys and the overall customer experience.


  • 6,500 employees
  • 10 brands
  • Bank
  • Insurer
  • Board
  • Middle management
  • Headquarters
  • Shops
  • Backoffice
  • Midoffice


  • Leadership communication
  • Facilitated employees in ambassadorship
  • Employee generated content
  • Training, coaching, workshops


  • Multi-label, cross disciplinary community (3,250+ members)
  • Significantly improved company pride
  • 100 customer journeys and overall customer experience greatly enhanced

Key words

  • Community management
  • Internal trainers pool
  • Engaging communication