Project Description

Inspiration session

Various organizations in change

Various organizations in change asked me to help them to get organizational change started. For example, international players that wanted to use NPS more effectively. I designed the programs and the concepts for meetings, facilitated events, organized inspiration sessions and experience-oriented workshops.
I also advised on engaging communication, to bring the change alive even more deep and wide.

Customer centricity as a core value, from the power of enthusiasm

I enabled international players to use NPS effectively. In line with their brand values, brand identity and Manifesto.


  • Inspiration sessions

  • Experiential workshops
  • Engaging communication
  • Agile and appreciative


  • Clear sense of urgency
  • Unity about change strategy
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Concrete action plan

Key words

  • Purpose branding
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee advocacy
  • Customer engagement
  • Customer experience

  • Customer advocacy
  • Brand engagement
  • Brand advocacy
  • Co-creation