Project Description

Change management

Various clients

Various organizations I reinforced with project and change management at the cutting edge of strategy, HR and communication. I advised, enabled and coached executives, middle managers, change agents, communicators and employees. As the person responsible for the design and implementation of all change interventions, I provided successful, efficent, engaging and involving communication approaches. Not top-down, not bottom-up, but inclusive from shared enthusiasm!


Examples are projects regarding:

Introduction of a new performance management system.

Evolving into a learning organization.

Forming a(n) entrepreneurial and feedback culture.

Bringing new organizational strategies to life.


  • (International) players in finance
  • Educational institution
  • Telecom
  • Ttransportation, informationand e-commerce

Key words

  • Project management
  • Change strategy
  • Change communication
  • Leadership communication
  • Corporate storytelling
  • Internal communication
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee generated content