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Training and workshops

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Develop the knowledge and skills that make you successful. In the way that suits you.

Don’t you have the right knowledge and skills to achieve your goals yet? I will gladly help you to fathom it. On the basis of custom-made training and workshops. Focus on your or your practice. In the way that fits you.

Humanizing Business organizes tailor-made training sessions, inspirational sessions, workshops, guest lectures and lectures in areas such as:

  • Meaningful marketing

  • Purposeful communication

  • Social branding
  • Thought leadership

Your development, in the
way that fits you

  • Practical knowledge
  • Practical skills
  • Directly applicable in your practice

Examples of custom workshops that can excellerate your organization as well

Purpose branding workshop

Brand, purpose and reputation are inextricably linked. A deep-rooted purpose has a strong positive impact on business results. During a Purpose Branding workshop, I help you to find your purpose.


Kick off change program

The Kick Off session is an important foundation for a successful change program. I would gladly help you find the right themes, activities and working methods to start your program successfully and realize your change goals.


Corporate storytelling workshop

Strengthen your brand, communication and reputation with your corporate story. During a Corporate Storytelling workshop I will help you find the right story, the right tone and the right images to reach your target groups, and truly have an impact.